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SharePoint 2013 Search tool

November 22, 2012 2 comments

Hi Friends,

After long time I thought of writing a something. Bit busy with SharePoint 2013.

There are lot of changes done in SharePoint 2013 search. While working with SP 13  search I found painful to debug search related issues. As object model changed old 2010 search tools ware not working with Sp2013.

I come across a good tool on codeplex developed by Nadeem. This will provide you multiple options to test the query and check the returned managed properties values. Even we can check which display template is used for the row of data returned by search.This tool uses search REST API’s in SharePoint 2013.

You can use following URL

Note: complete contribution, development and license rights are with the team who have developed this. This post is just to make readers aware that this kind of tool exists.