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SharePoint 2013: Content Search web part query having query variables with multiple values

February 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi Friends,

While working with one of the SharePoint 2013 content search web part, I came across a query where query variables may return multiple values which causing my search query to fail, after struggling a lot I found a good TechNet article which solved my issue. Putting the solution here so that it will help someone from developer community.

For demo purpose I have created a Term set like following


I have a user profile property (MyProfileProperty) which is bound to above term set. I have selected the profile property values for current logged in user.


I have created a site column (MyTaxonomyColumn) which is bound to same term set and added that column in a list. After adding some entries in that list, I did a full crawl so that a managed property for the column will be created (owstaxIdMyTaxonomyColumn).

My requirement is to get all records from list having values from user profile property ‘MyProfileProperty’.

I have added a query like   {|owstaxIdMyTaxonomyColumn:{User.MyProfileProperty}}


This query gets transformed as following and worked for me as the above query syntax combines all the query variable values will be combined by using the bitwise OR operation.